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To start servers etc what do you use?
How do you start and stop and watch servers? Like external consoleToungue

To start my servers i use putty on each server and i do like cd server1
cd orangebox
then my startupline..
Is there any programs that you could gather all the servers and have a start stop button for them? with the info about startup line saved?

Hope you understand what i mean Toungue
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there are web panels that can do this job. or you can use "screen" (a virtual terminal which can be reconnected to) to start the servers. you could write some very simple script to launch the server inside a screen, which could be then your "button" :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Where can i get the webpanels? anyone for free? Toungue
[Image: 1157583142.png]
A decent one for free? -> No

bashscripts that make your life easier -> yes
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
C++ applications which responds to PHP sockets when I click start, yes that's awesome. Smile

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