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HL2 DM Windows Server Issue
First off I want you to know I have searched and searched and followed everyones directions and I am still losing the battle of getting this server up and running.

This is what I have done.

I downloaded SRCDS and installed it.
I set it up in the GUI version and named my server.

I have a Linksys Router and have followed all the directions of port fowarding, disabling firewall and unchecking the block anonymous internet requests. I enabled the DMZ setting as well.

I jumped onto gametiger to see if I was up and I am not.

Please help me, I really don't know what I am doing and I am really determined to get this up and running with your guys help.

Thank you in advance. My IP address is: and I am lost as to what to try next. Thank you again!!
alright, well can you join it? via the lan ip. because it could take a lil while to show up on gametiger (i have never used it though) but i know game-monitor servers can take like 5 to 10 minutes to show up on it.

is the server up and running now? because i checked (guessing your using the standard port) and it came up not responding, thats about 10:30 AM central time.
No I don't have it up anymore. I didn't try to connect via LAN either, I only have one computer. It would be cool if someone could give a step-by-step on how to set up a windows HL2 DM server from scratch. Any ideas as to what could be wrong or what I can check to see if correct or not?

**** I just turned it on (10:29PM Pacific/California 10/03/05)

Server name: HL.2.DM.Server [NICHE]
well even if you connect on the same computer it would be considered lan. other then it won't rule out a firewall issue of some sort. because it should work if you can join it on the same computer, and if you dmz the server on your router, and you set srcds.exe as an exeption in the firewall, and if its a windows firewall you have to allow port 27015 udp as well for rcon.. i think its udp o.0. too tired right now. but if rcon doesn't work change udp to tcp =D.

also your server shows as still down, givin the ip hasn't changed. (which you might wanna check)
I use Norton Antivirus 2006 and it takes place of my windows firewall. What do you recommend I do?


I switched it to LAN, under applications & gaming/port range foward I have two port ranges:

1. 27015-Both-
2. 27020-Both-

DMZ - Enabled - DMZ Host IP Address:

Firewall Protection: Disabled

The IP Address that shows in SRCDS:
Network: LAN
Server Name: HL.2.DM.Server [NICHE]

Any ideas?

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