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issues connecting TF2 server
windows server 2008
P4 3.0ghz w/H-t
2558mb RAM
c:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -hostport 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map ctf_2fort
no mods

Not sure what install cmd i uses. i followed the TF2 guide on the site.

linksys WRT54Gv8
server ip
my ip
[Image: src.png][Image: ?action=view&current=srv.png]

im having issues connection to the server. and i can not find it on game-servers searching for my ip. my server comes up on steam servers on my other computer but under lan. thank you in advanced for the help. ive been messing with this the better half of today and can not seem to figure the issue out. i followed the TF2 guide on this site.
You will not be able to see your own server in the internet list. But if can see your server on port 27015, you will be good to go. You must connect with your internal ip adress. That'll be
I used and got this.
[Image: port.png]
shouldnt the ip come up as since that is what i have it set too in my settings?
i also have a friend trying to connect from his house and he can not connect.
thank you for your help!
just to update i plugged my server directly into my modem no router and it worked!
(02-13-2011, 06:06 PM)profiesy Wrote:  just to update i plugged my server directly into my modem no router and it worked!

Glad to hear that Smile Is this problem solved for you now?
It does not work when i hook it up to my router. it must be a wrong setting somewhere-_-
update. the server ip shown in the consel is wrong? i went to and used that one and it works. did not. 76.xx.xxxx did
The IP in your console is your local ip, which is the IP SRCDS binds to. This is the IP your router, modem etc. must forward to.

The 76.xx.xxxx is your external IP and it will be the one you are giving to your friends Smile

Your router must have a porforwarding setting too, so if you are going to run the server throught that one you will need to allow your router access to the internet in the modem, and allow the server access to the internet in the router. Smile

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