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[resolved]Gmod Listen Server Problem(Yes I know, kind of the wrong place...)
I know this is for srcds, but I don't know where else to turn to, I believe it's a fault with ports or ip's, basically, when I was on comcast, the only trouble my friends ever had was the error of "lan servers are restricted to local hosts" or something like that, which was quickly fixed by a few port forwarding, and sv_lan 0, and heartbeat as well I guess, if I wanted others to find it. However, I updated my router's firmware, which apparently deleted any ports I forwarded, and we also switched services from Comcast to At&t. Now I decided to forward the needed ports again, and now my friends are having trouble connecting to my game when I give them my ip that I find at, and when I check my game, it shows it's ip as instead of the ip shown in, and even when I restart the map through map (mapname), or even when I don't use sv_lan 0, it still shows the error of "connection failed after 4 retries", I believe the game is either still behaving like a lan game, or is using a completely different ip, none of which I know how to fix. I made sure the selection "Local Network Game" is unchecked before I go to make the game.

I have a feeling it's the ports, but I don't know, I also made my ip static by using the method shown here but I don't know if that is even needed, my router's configuration page even has it's own dhcp reservation tool. I really just want to get this problem sorted out, as I am going to be setting up a dedicated server soon, and I know if I let this problem linger, it's going to be affecting the dedicated server I set up as well.

I have even used the dmz method, still didn't work, I'll post a pic of the ports forwarded if it helps.

Local IP:
External IP:

[Image: Capture.png]
I had the same problem but it was fixed... I dunno if your problem is similar but hopefully this helps

When i forwarded my ports I did port remapping and only did the 27015 port and ran the port through my actual computer which was at rather then the normal That fixed it. Then i had problems with the IP and no matter what the server says your ip is... its wrong, TRUST ME only use the ip you find at and use the :27015 at the end. And of course as i saw you do, make sure sv_lan 0 is on and make sure that the amount of players is not 1...

well, i use IInet and really dont want to go through that rubbish again, so... i hope that helps, if it doesn't then good luck
You have duplicated ranges forwarded at the same time. Disable them all and make one range from 27000 - 27050 for UDP and TCP. You could test your server with 27015 UDP and TCP only.

The IP shown in SRCDS is your local IP and should be used for internal connections. That means it's the IP you should connect to if you are hosting the server at home. Your friends however, or any one NOT on the same connection as you should use your external ip.
What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image

^ That one Smile
ok, now something changed, and my friend got this in his console while trying to connect

Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL

And then got the "connection failed after 4 retries" error on the loading screen. I may have removed an important port, I deleted every other port and restarted, here's a pic of the ports being forwarded now.

[Image: Capture-1.png]

And another showing options for dchp Reservation options

[Image: Capture-2.png]

And here's one more to show the static ip being made for my internal ip using the method on, as posted in my original post.

[Image: Capture-3.png]

Is it ok to have my computer's settings in the control panel switched so my internal ip is static, and having my router's configuration page set so that my internal ip never expires? Or will that conflict? I am using a bridge connection as well, if you noticed, with my xbox 360 using my computer's wifi for now, but that can be undone if necessary.
Ok, I think I have found a link to the problem, apparently, port 27015 is not open, according to this tool at this site this is the error I get when I check if the port is open

Error: I could not see your service on on port (27015)
Reason: Connection timed out

I also disabled the functions I learned from on windows to make my ip a static one, as I did not think it was necessary since I was already using the dhcp reservation tool in my router's configuration page.

I am also going to post my updated ports, I believe they are correct now, but I still believe there is something wrong, due to the fact of the results in that tool, and the fact when I was testing out a listen server, no one joined, last time when I was with comcast, I got at least a few people joining, and I think I had the game up for an hour, doing random stuff to kill the boredoms of testing Big Grin

[Image: Capture-4.png]

Forward them in your modem if you've got one.
(02-11-2011, 06:38 PM)michael_sj123 Wrote:  Forward them in your modem if you've got one.

I do have a modem from at&t, however, seeing as I usually find port forwarding on routers, can you please direct me on where to usually find places to forward ports on my router? Would it be my modem's ip address?
First of all, Ok, I think I know what is going on, I found an option to use a private or public ip address, it was using a private ip address, I am going to set it public and see what happens.

AFTER: Ok, now on it is showing me this error, instead of saying connection timed out, it's always just saying this now.

Error: I could not see your service on on port (27015)
Reason: Connection refused (BTW my ip has changed, probably because the option to set it to a public ip has affected it).

I am forwarding ports 27015 for both udp and tcp instead of 27000-27050 for both, as I didn't see any improvements.
Alright, perhaps it was the fact that my ip was a private one and not a public one, regardless, I was able to make a successful listen server, thanks for your guy's help, and what transpired should be noted to anyone having a similar problem, as they also should check if their ip is a private one or public.

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