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DarkRP Problems

So I am all set up with the dedicated server, got a hang of it.

Then I wanted the DarkRP on the server,
that's done.

Now I have tried it before and it worked, but I would like to be an owner of the server, having the abillities to for example, be able to move others props, remove, noclip etc.

How do you do it? I have tried alot of things, I have been googlin' alot and I can't find it, only the admin.lua help, and I don't even have it!

Please answer me, I did all I could, and now I ask for help.
Well, i use ULX (Ulyssesmod) for my admin'ing.
Works fine, but if you've got the newest DarkRP, then it should check in your administrators file.
I don't know the location of it, since its along time since i last used it.

edit: google 'how to add admins garrysmod' and you'll find the file.
Well as I said, I did google it, but I would like to be an owner of the server, not an admin, is that included in ULX? I am going to try google it again. I still need help though :/

I'll try to explain this as clear as i can:
When you add yourself to the admins.txt or whatever the file name is, you can select the permissions for that SteamID.
There is along time since i've been doing this.
Aha, the file name is users.txt, its explained in there how to do it.

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