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gmod server dos [lag]
hi guys, i have a ds with gmod on linux ( centOS 5.5 32 bits )

and, im having dos attacks, what i can do? some addon to stop it?

DAF works in gmod engine? how install it?
Regarding the DoS look here:

typically this wont prevent, talk to your server provider.
im hosting in one of my local machines ( i5 760 @ 4gb ram )

@realchamp i dont understand this post, xd.
(02-06-2011, 07:46 AM)RichardAPerez Wrote:  typically this wont prevent, talk to your server provider.

It will prevent a DoS, but a UDP flood however is out of his range.

@nettolz try searching for DAF's official homepage(if they got one) and look for a garrysmod version.
Or else (if possible), trace address, mail the abuse mail and then block the whole subnet range.
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