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Left 4 Dead server with 20 slots - how?
Hi all.
Just got a new Q6600 server up'n'running, so I'd figure that I will use it for some fun too Smile

I have seen some 20-slot servers on Gametracker, stating "double tanks" etc.

Anyone here who have any experience with this?
I could probably get it to 20slots by just adjusting the start parametre, or some other cfg, but I think that it would be best with a type of mod that lets me host with double tanks etc.

Gief feedback; I have the bandwidth and hardware, but not the knowledge for this one! Big Grin
You cannot exceed the standard 8 player setup maximum by changing default params or configuration. However some people "hacked" the maxplayer and us gave the possibility to do so. I'm quite confident that it's a SourceMod plugin. and then categorize by L4D addons only.
Thanks mate. I will check it out Wink
I should ask my tech if he can do this Smile
Yeah, I tried.
Installed a mod called DownTown - this allows up to 18 slots on the server itself.
Then I installed a SM plugin called SuperVersus - this allows you to costomize the amount of players on each team. So I adjusted it from 4 infected and 4 survivors up to 9 inf. vs. 9 surv.

I think it worked, but the server was deserted and tbh. I think it was crazy with 2x of every survivor char, so I just trashed this project Big Grin

If you wanna give it a shot - remember to use the sourcemod cvar in server.cfg to lock the server to versus only!

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