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server out of date
last night the hldsupdate tool updated my cs:s servers to version they came back online and now no one can connect to them. they all get server out of date messages.

if the connect command in console or you join through xfire you can join the server. dont understand what is causeing this.
I have the same problem, i just updated the server and the update tool says HLDS installation up to date.
but when i turn the server on, it still gives an error: Your server is out of date. Please update and restart.

-> image
oh man another problem with this update... you could try running the updatetool again, just to make sure, also try running it with the flag -verify_all to make sure it didn't screw up downloading a file somewhere.
i redownloaded all the files Toungue
got it working now
done that a few times. after the client update u cant connect right to servers running but u can still connect fine to ones running
well yea.. the update is manditory, you will only be able to connect to servers that are updated as well.
we get the server out of date message when trying to connect to the updated servers.

people i spoke to can only connect to the unupdated server post there client update.

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