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Server not showing in the main server list
Im trying to host a Counter-Strike Source server but it simply dosent show up in the main server list. My computer is connected to a router and i have tried to forward all the ports that are required that havent worked... Only my friends are been enable to connect via external ip. I have also tried to put my computers ip to DMZ list but still server dosent show up in the main server list. Is there anyway to get it showing up?
Try getting a friend searching for it. Or else try changing the name of the server to something unique and an unpopular map, I will try to see if I can see it then.
You will always see it in the LAN tab. Others will see it under servers.
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Ya you can always find under lan. was this fixed?
What Mooga said.
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I've got the same problem. Just put up a TF2 server on my linux box that is located on a different connection, I can only find it by adding it to the favourites.

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