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Now, I've been having some trouble with this. Altogether not getting very far.

My story begins at the default SRCDS install page. Everything goes well until... I get an error at about step two. So I run HldsUpdateToolNew, it starts up 'Checking Bootstrapper Version ...' 'Getting Version 44 of Steam HLDS Updatetool' 'Downloading. . . . . . . .' Than at this next part it closes down in a flash, it took like 15 minutes trying to see what it said. "unable to open HldsUpdateToolNew.exe for writing (error = 13)". I've downloaded it all gravy but I can't open up HldsUpdateTool to put in my commands to 'download' all of my Garrysmod information for the server to run off of. So this is where I'm stuck...How can I open this here HldsUpdateTool without it closing the second I open it? And preferably without errors...

It'd be nice to Speak to a human being rather than reading text; it'd get my problem fixed faster. I'm pretty sure everyone on here would have steam so... My steam is "Camyo the Duke Himself" . Thank you! In waiting for reply I will scrounge the interwebs for further information. Thank you for reading.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom 1035T 2.63 Ghz x6
Game: Garrysmod
You must install HldsUpdateTool.exe to a different location than where it was executed.
Could you emphasize on that?
In a Windows envoirment you are not allowed to overwrite a file in use Smile
Alright, now specify what that means... Lol Big Grin
(02-02-2011, 03:37 AM)Camyo Wrote:  Alright, now specify what that means... Lol Big Grin

When you run the tool from, you get a nice little file called HldsUpdateTool.exe. When you execute that file you will get through an installment wizard and at some point, it will ask you to choice a path where it should install itself too. Your problem occurs when you select the same path, as where you have saved the tool from SteamPowered, as the wizard extracts a file named extractly the same. Therefore the installation path cannot be the same. Try choosing a different path.

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