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DS - which system: CentOS x64/32, Ubuntu x64/32 or anything else?
Hey everybody. I asked, that Ubuntu x32 would be installed today, but they installed x64 for me. I think, that something doesn't work right with it. I'm not sure though, so here's the question:
Which OS is the best for srcds hosting on a Linux machine, for multiple servers, and why? I used CentOS, and had some problems with ES. Might've been something else though, but the plugins worked on Windows. I also heard, that Ubuntu's best.

Keep in mind, that I'll be using Perl for stats.

i used Debian free source and high performance
ubuntu 64 bit should be fine. usually better than 32 bit for srcds games... why -> experience. ;-) centos is usually very old but stable. but that's not very optimal for our needs, as many things have improved recently. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Thanks, I won't need to reinstall it, that means. That's even better. Smile Installing 32-bit package right now.

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