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laggs with new server

I just got myself a new server so i was testing it last night.

Its a AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ with 2 GB of RAM.

Now the problem.

I run it with -tickrate 100 and +fps_max 600

The problem is that its lagging, not the entire server, just the players you meet.

Your not lagging against the world, not as i can see it atleast, its just the other players, and it dosnt matter if its 2 or 10 people on the server.

Its isn't a link related thing either, since its on a 100 mbit fd link. The ping is fine, 8-10 and no loss or choke.

Im running gentoo on it with the kernel. kernel is compiled with Timer frequency 1000 HZ.

gcc is version 3.4.4

When i run and have 10 players online (didnt have time to gather more players for testing last night) the game uses ~20 % cpu and about 5% of the RAM.

The load stays at ~0.25

Anyone know what the issue could be?


A little update.

When more its more then 5 players on the server everything starts to run faster, footsteps, reload, bombtime everything. You empty the mag on the weapon in a sec or 2.

Anyone encountered this kind of problem before?


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