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Thinking of running a CS:S server.

I'm currently looking into running a CS:S server, and was wondering how many slots I could host with the following bandwidth:

[Image: 1130722435.png]
Valve specifies for srcds 53.4KBits per player, that would be like 64 slots (the upload is limiting...). I think that is severely overestimated. On one hand, it depends on the (effective) tickrate, and valve is probably calculating with their standard settings 20/30, while you have in reality 2-3 times higher values, so a reduction of say a factor of 3 on the slot count -> 20 slots. also, usually home lines will have an increased ping if you come close to the limit, so the real possible slot counts without lags and high-ping will be even lower. you will have to test out the precise value, but I would start with 16 slots. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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