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If your windows flavor of SRCDS crashes on startup EVERYTIME and you have MANI ADMIN PLUGIN. You need to update your gametype.txt file!

Head on over to and read the first news item. It will have a new gametype.txt file for you!

This should cut down on a lot of threads.
Hey, I did that. But now I get an error everytime I start. It looks like this: The instruction at "0x0da471b6x" referenced memory at "0x11800a8. The memory could not be read. What should I do?
ALSO! he just released another update with some of the binarys updated, in a struggle to fix these problems!
zf_a lol,

ya i need to update from ze...
haha yeaa.. i just did that to.. although zf didn't seem too big of a deal, i was just gonna wait until he came out with 1.2. but now im kinda forced to update, oh well.
Ok I updated my server and whatnot, still crashing randomly after I updated the gametypes.txt file. Considering I am running my SRCDS on the same machine I'm playing on, do i need to have the server ran on a different port, ie 27016. THANX
no the ports don't matter. umm.. well i am as well experiencing more frequent crashes then usuall. and quite randomly.. like it will be fine for like 2 hours, but then crash and 15 mins later crash again, and be fine for another couple hours. its weird, and i have yet to find a fix, it does this for me even withouth mani. and its on both my servers, on 2 different boxes. and it has done it ever since the update on the 1st. so actually.. on this one im stumpd.. =(
we are up to zg now btw.

Its so confusin with the letters ><
lol yeaa.. he need to hurry up and just come out with 1.2.. plain and simple =)

and atleast zg is better then zf_b

has anyone had probs with their server running only in lan after all these updates. i have sv_lan set to 0 and still running only in lan. anyone else besides me.
what makes you say its only running in lan? one way to know if its lan or not.. connect to the server, type status, if its lan, your steam id will be like steam_id_lan. and if its not lan, it will say your steam id.

we need just a lil more info than "its only lan" could be a lot of things, or your just misreading something?
thanx for the tip with the status command. cant quite see how "its only lan" doesnt describe that its not posting as a public server and only being posted for a LAN. but yes thank you, prob resolved, god damned port forwaring when using new routers and whatnot.
yea, well a lot of people think that its only lan cuz they can't see it on the internet list, where a lot of times you don't be able to on the same local network. thats why i say it doesn't describe enough. but yea.. port forwarding can kick you in the ass if you don't have it right.. you could just be lazy and dmz it =)

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