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server crash!
Hey guys, I just downloaded an update for my source dedicated server (counter-strike) and now its all screwed up. I don't know what I did wrong. I opened the command prompt and launched the update tool for cstrike. Now I can't even launch my server at all. Everytime I try to launch it, whether I launch the console or GUI, it starts and then it just shuts off. It doesn't even tell me why. Does anybody know anything I can do to fix it?
Do you have mani?

If you do, your gametype.txt file needs updating. Head over to and its the first news item.
OK, now when I launch I get this error. {The instruction at "0x0da471b6x" referenced memory at "0x118e00a8. The memory could not be "read."} What should I do to fix this?
Did you edit the gametypes.txt?

if you didnt you should comment the "voice_control"

if this doesnt help you,
look on the mani-admin-plugin forums
mani has another update.. theres a problem with just the servers themselves though, my servers, both of them with no plugins at all, no bots, nothing, still crash randomly, and it must be pretty common, because my servers are all odly populated o.0. i have yet to try manis 1.0.zf_a patch.
I did the mani update and everything, and my sever still won't work. I didn't edit the gametypes.txt, though, because I didn't know which voice_control command to comment out, there where many of them. My sever is for counter-strike source, should I comment out the voice_control for that? Anyway, I don't know what to do. I keep getting that memory error. Is there anything else I can do to fix it?
theres nothing you need to edit in the file.. if you get the latest one from mani.. just replace it.. which it is in that patch. and really.. i don't know. of anything else. my servers as well crash very randomly, and more then they used to, and i have yet to find a reason. i don't even think its mani.
there is a zf_b path out now
man.. and i was gonna say that too.. i forgot, oh well happens a lot. =D

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