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980x hardware
How many cs:s servers this system can run?

Server OS:Linux Debian 64bit
Processor: 980x 3.33 GHz
Bandwidth: 100/100
Admin Mods: Sourcemod (20-40 plugins)

And how more light hl1(cs 1.6 server) is compared to cs:s ?

Just sayin', you can run enough servers on that beast.

and do not mix hlds and srcds on the same machine... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
"Simply try it out"
You can answer that like everything...who needs foorum and internet.

Is there anybody who have X5680, 970 or 980x processor so you can share experiences ?
I don't have one, but try it out.
I guess you'd be able to host atleast 4 servers @ 66tick on it.
(01-26-2011, 05:30 PM)michael_sj123 Wrote:  I don't have one, but try it out.
I guess you'd be able to host atleast 4 servers @ 66tick on it.

6 cores and 4 servers?.Not bad estimate Big Grin
Maybe i start 1 servers with 12 slots.
I think that too big but hey, i try it out.

Sorry i bothered this forum. Never gonna happen again.

I just try it out everything.

Is that a 6 core processor? Ah lol, maybe 2 servers per core then.
There are many factors that have impact on the cpu usage of gameservers. First of all only active slots will produce serverload. So you can start as much as you like, as long as the slotusage does not get higher than the hardware can stand.

Also you need to consider more factors than the cpu. A slow hdd might lead to troubles as well if you run many servers. The slow hdd can become even worse if you have choosen a slow file system like ext2 if you are on linux. A bad mainboard can make trouble too. Same for slow ram.

You really need to run many tests. best way to get the maximum: Give away many slots for free for a short period to make a stress test.

Something to compare (running linux as os):
I once used a core i7 920, started 160 slots (16 servers with 10 slots+stv autorecord)
On peak times 50% of the slots were full and all servers in use. The load (not the same as usage and can be seen with uptime command) indicated that 80 active slots are using ~50% of the available hardware recources

Same with the X3440 I am currently using. ~40 active slots will eat up once of the cores.

Both cpus are quadcores with ~2,66 GHz and hyperthreading. I turn preemtion off, dyn tic and high res timer on and kernel hz to 10.
fps_max is set to get effective 75-80fps without drops below 66fps -> fps_max 80

You probably can run more than 240 active srcds slots because of your higher cpu clock.
But consider this:
The 100mbit card can become a bottleneck if you are running large servers. In the worst case scenario one slot will use 100kb/s. I saw that already a couple of times on large servers with > 26 active slots. There I really needed the 100kb/s and still not all data could be send.
Might be also because of the fact that the maps where wide and open so that you all players where in the one same large vis leaf at the whole time and the gametype was deathmatch.
In worst case your 240 slots will use 24Mbyte. A 100Mbit card will give you ~11Mbyte throughput. If you calculate with 35kb/s per player what is a more likely scenario with smaller servers you still would need 8400kb/s or 8,2Mbyte.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
I've written that FAQ entry for a reason. You will not get a reasonable reliable answer without trying it exactly on that machine. I've seen differences on machines with 100% identical hardware down to the same BIOS settings and mainboard revisions (not to mention that I cloned the HDD). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
thank you, Terrorkarotte.
I have one 980x and atm im running

1st 26 slot css
1st 28 slot dods
1st 32 slot dods
6st 12 slot match servers (css/tft2/dods)

I dont get any complaints from my users

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