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Auto set cmdrate on join?
A recent topic on ED surgests that a clients cmdrate should match the tic of the server! I was wondering if anyone new if there was a way via mani or otherwise of a player joining haveing there cmdrate set after they have accepted this situation. It would give better reg all round and stop the constant battering of accusations of rate hacking or at least help!
BTW had no luck with matties force rates as it comes up with alot of errors when loading! something that I will try to address now he's back up and running!
hm.. well the only way i know of would be matties.. DarkZealot would know more about that though. maybe he will notice this. =)
Who said DarkZealot and Mattie in the same sentence!?

O you... lol nvm... :|

Ok you want to cexec a set rate on them, lets see what I got for you...

The player can choose to have the rate set, or they will have to leave.

This requires M-A-P and Mattie's Eventscripts
lol.. i know i stopd by matties forums and seen that your there.. and seen you had written a plugin for it i think? oh well.. lol i figured you probly knew more then me =)
Yup, the game messages script pack, version 3.5 ^^

shameless plug:
This is standard in
however with eventscripts you can do such more

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