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Hi all first post here this is my last resort, on the computer im on now, I can host with firewall on ports forwarded etc, but on my other PC I turned my firewall off and port forwarded the ports to its IP, and when I host the server it wont show up in the list, like when I host on this PC. When the server starts I type in heartbeat and sv_lan 0 just to make sure, and it works on this PC but not my host pc.

I'm behind a F5D8636-4 router but I know its not the router because I can host on this computer.

the ports forwarded are: 6003(TCP) 6003(UDP) 7001(UDP) 7001(TCP) 27005(UDP) 27000-27015(UDP) 27015(TCP&UDP)

When I change the private IP address from this computer to the other one and host the server it wont show up in the list. also there is no anti virus etc on the host pc so I don't know what it is any help would be great.

27000-27015(UDP) 27015(TCP&UDP)

and put in
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