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Weird crash "close program"
Hi! Im using garry's mod dedicated server with source watchdog. I'm having a problem. Sometimes when server crash srcds.exe don't shut down it just freezes and there appears a windows "close program" and I need t ohit "OK".

This makes server watchdog much useless. Can anyone help me?

I searching 6-7 pages about crashes but I didnt find actual solution.

I think i'm just stupid or something but can someone help me with this? Smile

Having also this another error and again I need press "ok".(THERE IS PICTURE DOWN THERE)

Easiest solution could be to have a program that press ok for me or something or is there a real fix somewhere?

Thank you.

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Have you tried -nocrashdialog in your starup command line?
I think i got this working:

So don't need that. Smile I try yours if this don't work like I expected.

Thanks :>

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