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Poll: Are extra sounds activated by users a cool way to add variety to the server?
Well, maybe
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Playing sounds across the server
Does SRCDS support this? or is this something that was native to using AdminMod or SourceMod when it comes out? I want to have a set of sounds available for users to download, and then activate the playing of the sounds via the client...

Basically when someone says a keyword like "cookie" over normal talking, the server would play a quick sound clip of homer simpson saying "mmmm a cookie" or something like that.

Yes, I know some of y ou think it's dumb, but me and lots of other oflks think it's a pretty fun way to spice up a server.

Any comments are welcome.
i do believe the support isnt there yet, but will most likely be available some time in the future. its just a matter of someone making the plugin. and yes, i do think it ads variety, as well as a reason for someone to come back. anyone who frequents the server will eventually discover it and i think thats one way to keep clients coming back. and regular clients are nice to have. although, personally ive always wanted a "riskier" set of sounds... curse words from various movies (scarface? any tarantino flick? snatch?) and just various quotes from movies are fun as the simpsons sounds get boring after a while of experiencing them on most servers with client activated global sounds. that was a long sentence.
Oh, most definitely. I was just using the simpsons sound as an example.

I used to play on Ebonics 101 kinda way back in the day, it's only been gone for a couple of years - but they had a special keyword that displayed text up ont he screen in the form of a movie I guess...

Words would appear.. then disappear.. then the next part would appear again.. thent he next set o ftext would stay in the middle of the screen for like a minute. it was hilarious because whenever someone woul ddo it (that word was set for every like 20 minutes) the text would block everything on the crosshairs - so it woul dbe harder to play, and piss people off, but the server was ALWAYS full. Just mischievious stuff...

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