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help me!^serve is wrecked^
basiclly i own a dedicated server, forst server ive owned, and well its wreaked, im getting really high choke, slow connection times,etc, and very wierd lag, so i want to start again, but e-frag done it for me in the first place but now they dont want to help,

basiclly its a linux dedicated server, i have ftp access and ssh access ive found the guide on installing hlds update and stuff but i really dont get how to do it, ive never used linux command line before

basiclly i need a step by step guide for a linux n00b

thanks n advance

andrew (18)
accidently found your post on steampowered forum...
you need to contact with clan leader to get linux root or user login
and password, ask him about access to control panel too (if exist)
then use ssh terminal, login to server and follow the tutorial instructions.
steampowered-tutorial by Plasma


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