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Non - technical server help
You see, i have started a dedicated server on a popular game known as Garrysmod which is a modification of Half life 2 source engine. Now, it is a rather popular server and would become the official server of a clan. I feel a lot of pride in my server, as it is very good connection, and was pretty much perfect. (i have only owned the server... for two days)

Now comes the problem. I have other users on my netword and when i run the server, everyone elses internet becomes much more dodgy and internet chokes causing massive lag spikes throughout the house. Everyone else is forcing me to pull the server down, which i have done.

I refuse to let this oppurtunity die,I want my server back up... so i am given two alternatives.

1. Buy an external server from a server company

2. Buy a seperate internet connection in which my server and computer runs of

These are the Pros and cons of idea 1

- The server will be much more reliable, and have very good connection
- The server is in safe hands, and all network problems are dealt with someone else
- Renting a server is not a long term dedication.

- Renting a server and configuring it is hard! it will take a while to figure out how to get the server to work
- Renting a server costs $25 - $50 a month depending on the quality of the server.

These are the pros and cons of the 2. option
- Getting a seperate internet connection also has advantages for better connection
- Getting a seperate internet connection is easier to instal then option 1
- Getting a seperate internet connection costs $20 for 100 GB much cheaper then getting a server.

- Getting a seperate internet connection would mean that I need to fix any network issues for myself
- Getting a seperate internet connection is a LONG TERM investment
Um.. What exactly do you need help for?
(01-18-2011, 01:12 AM)michael_sj123 Wrote:  Um.. What exactly do you need help for?
whether i should get an external server or a seperate internet connection
Um.. Get a external server.
Much easier
External will probably also have a way better Internet connection then you can buy.
In Norway we have NTE Broadband, and they offer upto 2Gbit up/down.
Still you probably have no QOS on those. They are for private use, and not company / hosting.
QoS? Would that mean Quality Of Service?
If so, I've got that in my router/modem.
I set it to EXTREME on the srcds ports, works kinda nice actually.

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