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RT KErnel 100 hZ?
hi guyz. I will recompile new kernel my css server but i want to ask a question. While compile kernel, what must i choice kernel hz 100-250-300-1000 ? which kernel hz good pls say me... ( i thin 100hz not good, can be ping... )
I found you some information regarding this:

I recommend the because it is a nice kernel.
Download both the headers and the image and run this command:
dpkg -i linux-image-
enable hrtimers (i.e. high resolution timers kernel option). kernel HZ will then not limit fps, so 100 HZ will be the optimal choice (minimal cpu load). 1000 hz might be better for hlds, but not for srcds. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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hmm thank you brothers ! i will choice 100Hz... Thanks !
i installed 100Hz kernel to my ubuntu server but no player and hlds cpu usage %2-3., when players joined to game cpu usage %50-60 (24 players full). Is this normal??
Well you havnt listed any specs of the system, so nobody can say if its normal.

But it is normal for load to increase the more players are on the server.
joe, while i use centos 5.5 default pae kernel 32 slot full players cpu usage %30-35 but after compile kernel it being 50-60-70 Smile) i think it is normal Smile
As it has been written a couple of times. RT patches might give you a bit more stable fps but the downside is always a higher load on the system. Depending on the systems it can be larger or minimal.

I read (but do not know it for sure) that parts of the RT patch are in the current kernel versions so that there is no need for patching anymore if you use the vanilla kernel and set it to low latency desktop.

Anyway if I were you I would try the latest 2.6.36 kernel since I do not like using 2.x.xx.0 versions and make two kernels to see which runs better:
- 100hz, no preemtion, dyn tic and high res timer on
- 100hz, low latency desktop, dyn tic and high res timer on

I am using the first setup and having no performance issues. I am running the servers with fps_max 100 and get ~80-90 fps if I do not use rescheduling or similar for priorising the processes.
I do not use taskset since it often messes with system performance gameserver wise. At least on my systems. I only use it if I want to limit a process like apache, voice software or mysql.
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You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
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cpu usage is basically a random number (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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