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Hey guys, I know this is a stupid question, but bear with me. How do you figure out what your steam ID is so you can add it to your admin. list? Also, I'm getting some lag when I join my dedicated server. At first I thought it was because I was running the Zombiehorde addon, and I had a lot of bots running. So reduced the number bots in the game, but that didn't really help. Any ideas? Thanks.
1. Connect to a server

2. Open your in-game console

3. type the word "status" without quotes into your console <enter>

4. a list will be displayed, find your username and STEAM ID will be next to it.
ZH mod does wreck servers to be honest.
Take out all of the bots and if you still get lag it could be network issues or your server is not a high spec (unlikely) Gaming Servers
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Missed the part about lag...

Have you tried to use fps_max variable? Also do you have it set to high priority? Are you using a program like wmp.exe to start the processor in that higher clock mode?
Thanks for the help guys. I got my steam ID, and fixed the lag. You were right DarkZealot89, I didn't have my server set at high priority.
No problem. Glad we could help you out!
okay so newbie question time, how do I set to high priority and why wont my SRCDS allow me to run Mani Mod? I go and install Mani Mod and I restart the server and the server doesn't open back up. Any suggestions on how to fix that? by the way can you check out the server and see if you can connect properly? the ip is Thanks in advance and its counterstrike source
nova, first of all, it probly would of been a little better if you started your own thread about this. anyways. the easist way to set high priority is to get something like server checker this will allow you to set the cmd line, priority, and keep the server up in the event of a crash. although you can just open task manager (cntrl+alt+del) and then find the "srcds.exe" process, right click it, and then select the priority. BUT you will have to do this everytime the server starts up, restarts, anything. and mani, update it.
/high in a BAT file or use server checker. I use server checker and it is a wonderful program. Free too!
yes server checker is awesome. that is my recommendation! just be sure to read the documentation.

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