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All processes to core 1
Hello guys on my server i want to make my windows and all other programs to be running on core 1. On the other cores i want to be running only SRCDS. How is that possible?
Let windows balance it all for you.
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Ctrl Alt Del

open worklist and find the proccess.
right click and you can find something like edit core access.
then you just check core 1 and uncheck the others.
i got my system in another language so i might not have translated it right xD
It's called "set affinity"
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(01-16-2011, 03:21 AM)Arjen Wrote:  It's called "set affinity"

More specificly as a startup parameter:

This is also doable, or I think it is - insite task manager on Windows OS.
Thats not what i wanted. I want everything that is running on my computer to be running only on (core 1) exept SRCDS. How is that possible
well take all the processes and set them all to core 0 exept SRCDS that you set to all your cores
Well there are allot of processes on the task manager. If i would have to set them up one by one it would take some time. Is there any way to automaticly set everything to (core 1) and leave the other cores for SRCDS?

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