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Tweaking for FreeBSD?
Hey everyone im new here but I have a server and im looking to put 2 css servers on them.

3.4ghz EE P4
2GB Ram

I have 1 server installed right now and it runs at about 20% CPU Usage. Before I got this server I had NFO as a GSP and there server seems more responsive than mine, we had there Hyperaccelerated servers.

What I was wondering is what can I do to tweak srcds a little more for linux, i know there are some 3rd party apps for windows but cant find anything for linux, any known kernals that work well with linux or do you have to tweak your own kernal?. Right now i get about 275 server side fps, wouldnt mind getting about 330 or so but i dont think thats the only reason it doesnt feel as smooth as nfo. It is 100 tic.

Also with that set up I should be fine to run another 12man private correct?
How many players do you have in the 2 regular servers before we determine if its alright to run a 12 man private.

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