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Transfer / Colo Hosts / Hardware Limitations
Hi, hello. I'm new. Ofc.

Anyway. I've just put a server together, dual 2.4 Xeon, 2GB ram, etc. It's a nice spec but nothing out of this world.

I'm looking to run 4 or 5 servers, it's to replace my clan's current shared servers scattered all over the place.

So I'm thinking;
2x12 man / 100tick
20 man / 66
24 man / 66
maybe another 20 man / 66 or a 32 / 66, hardware depending.

Think it'll manage? The servers will be mostly active, most of the time, except the 2x12, but when they are active I need to be certain that they're perfect. The only way is to try, I realise, but a starting point for experimentation would be nice, and it would save weeks of our servers being laggy enough to put off the regulars.

Another concern is transfer, we're looking for a colo host, but data is expensive these days. Anywhere UK based we could get great/unmetered transfer? Those servers will be eating a lot from the numbers I see scattered around the forum.

5GB/day for a 20 man is a figure that jumps out at me as being terrifyingly expensive, would leave a rough mental guesstimate at ~25GB/day? Sheesh. A TB a month..

On a seperate note, I've little server and zero srcds experience, and I was wondering if the best way to remote control a 2k3 box is Remote Desktop, or are there easier ways?

Thanks for reading,

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alright, well a dual xeon should run that pretty good, i don't know too much about xeon, but i had a 3.0 p4 and i had almost that much running and never hadda problem.

and i think 5gb a day, is grossly over. servers take a lot of bandwidth, but thats crazy a lot just for one server. but as far as actual consumption, im not sure, never took the time to meter it.

and yea, remote desktop is the easiest way to connect to the box. exspecially if you have xp pro on your computer, maybe even xp, not sure, but it will have the software all built in to use remote desktop, you just have to open it, put in the ip, and connect. you will then have to log in to the computer.

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