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What are the current CS Mods people are using?
Hay all,

I used to run a number of popular public servers back in the Counter-Strike beta days through the first year or so of Counter-Strike source, but I really haven't set up a server in over five years and haven't played much recently either, and I am aware that a lot of things have changed.

What mods are popular for managing servers these days?

As I recall, when I last configured a server metamod had just been launched and I installed that alongside AdminMod for server management, but its been so long that I barely remember.

Is this still what people are doing?

I was looking around but it doesn't look like admin mod has received an update in over 2 years..

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated,
(01-09-2011, 06:39 AM)Impact123 Wrote:  Im using Sourcemod Smile

Easy to Use


Thanks for the suggestion. I just installed it and I like it. Its a nice little admin package.
I'm using Sourcemod, too. It's great. You can configure it the way you like. And you can extend the functionality of sourcemod with plugins.
Jonas E. Smile

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