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Source TV (Bug maybe) help on Oragne Box
I need help with Source TV, now there been other forums having this problem, like these two here....

(yeah one of it's my thread, but it is important)

I'm trying to run Source TV on my server... now here is the nut cracker.
It works and it doesn't work.

As i said i need to know where to place these commands.

Tv_enable <== Hell if this didn't work we all be screwed (this does work)
tv_password <== I don't know what happen this command, it doesn't work no more.

Tv_port <== Same as this one, i don't see this work anymore.

Tv_name <== This works , though if you try this command...
Tv_title <=== it will be a bug with not showing the title when you see it. It will show the name of it.

tv_maxclients <=== this doesn't work, it will show the maxclients on the server , not what you want.

the rest of commands do work.

Now the problem is this, when i put these commands in my server.cfg or my autoexce.cfg and run the server, there is no error there.. BUT!!

Say your max is 18, now you have that +1 from source TV , now you have 19.. however my point is , when a REAL player enters, you see the bot for the source TV and yourself, but when you check the server to see how many players are in there, it will show "0/18" unless another player enters, then it will show 1/18. (however there is 2 players in there, how can that be) Which in this case this has to be a bug. Try it yourself on SCRDS, and i Guarantee you will see the error I'm talking about.

if i need to show pictures of this, of how i get it, i will, trust me i have time, but this needs to be fixed. Is there anyway i can send this bug to value or anything

Thank you for reading and please don't skip this, i really need the help on it.

Otherwise my servers is in perfect shape.
Bump is really anyone else out there having this problem or you just don't understand this, as i said before don't skip it.
Bump once again , since it seems you all agree this is a bug
About the player-query... Its mostly because you have sv_visiblemaxplayers set to -1..
Slå den med jeres fiberforbindelser...

[Image: 1308107839.png]
try that already, keep going, because i set it to the right amount and still shows it.

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