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setting up hl2 srcds for gmod 10
hello i need help with setting pretty much EVERYTHING up. the farthest i've gotten so far is installing the srcds it starts up. however, i havent done the port forwarding or anything because i am completely lost. i tried searching on the net and found nothing. every one else on the net did some other way (for example using batch files and what not) i did it this way

i am completely lost... i know almost nothing about computers so you guys are going to have to go easy on me with the steps. at first when i installed it, it made a server and i could see it in gmod but as soon as i clicked it it said something about port forwarding. i have no idea what to do there. please help me, i'd greatly appreciate it! i dont know what info would be useful to you guys, but please ask, i am so frustrated with this.
Theres one easy step which you should always do when you are asking for help on these forums.

Read it, and then post the necessary information mentioned in the readme. It helps us to understand exactly which problem you have and what you need help with.
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