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Just a problem with scrds
So hi!
I have huge prolem with my cs:s server ( scrds), once i run it , it atomaticly connets to steam servers, but i have created a .bat file , and added some commands to it , like -> ''srcds.exe +sv_lan 1 -nomaster -insecure -noipx -game cstrike'' , that prevents scrds connect to the steam, but still it frikin connects to damn steam , and noone can`t get in , it says somthn like that -> damn i forgot Big Grin enyway somth like , you are not logged in to steam and go .... Toungue
so whats my problem , and what i have to do to fix it ?
big thnx Smile
alright.. well i haven't ever heard of the flag "-noipx" whats that supposed to do? doesn't make sense to me, the server has to have an ip. i have also never heard of "-nomaster" whats it for? and yea. you want to make a lan server? cuz sv_lan at 1 will be a lan server, and only people on the local network will be able to connect via the local ip.
ok realy i am a n00b at these things i`ll try to explain
-noipx -> DONT KNOW
-nomaster , i`we red somewhere in some scrds forum , so you need to add folowing line to the scrds.exe`s shourtcut , to make it work no-steam!
+sv_lan 1 -> makes the server lan , jes , but when you start the server you can choose that you run the server on inthernet , so sv_lan 1 prevents connection to steam servers

so but what is the prob ?
i yust need some help , to make the server to not connect to the steam servers !!!
it more or less always will in some way connect to steam servers.. or atleast says it does.. soo yea.. but does the server work? like can you join it and stuff?
So i start the server , and it connects to the damn server !
When i try to connect to the server , it says --> not logged in steam `n stuff
so canyou help me or not ?
you are trying to connect to it with your lan ip right? cuz that usually happens when you try to connect to a server with the external ip, and the server is on the same network.
damn.... ok i`ll try to explain!
forget the lan thing, me , and my frends / clanmembres connect to my normal ip! So i have a router, i`ve done some port forarding , everything vorked welll until one day , when someone try`s to connect to my server it says -> not loggen on to steam `n` stufff
so that wouldn`t happen if my scrds wouldnt connect to the steam !
is there eny tools that can disable the connection to steam , or en flags ?
here's a handy tool to use:
RoFL Big Grin
hmm well no. your server has to connect to steam servers in some way or another, or thats so valve knows there aren't 3 people out in public servers playing on the same steam account. but yea.. hmmm.. thats an od problem though. but it workd until randomly one day it stopd? did you do anyhting at all, change anything?
abslolutley nothing, i just started the server, and in the console was a text -> Succesfuly connected to steam (unusual)
and noone couldn`t get in!
i tryed to re-isntal the server , and now there is a problem, it wount launch, just not responding while loading!

console log ->

Connection to Steam servers successful.
L 11/28/2005 - 22:01:01: "WhiteNiggaZ™ | SaDDoG<2><STEAM_ID_PENDING><>" connected, address ""
Client WhiteNiggaZ™ | SaDDoG connected (
L 11/28/2005 - 22:01:01: "WhiteNiggaZ™ | SaDDoG<STEAM_56024:0:147577560>" STEAM USERID validated
L 11/28/2005 - 22:01:02: "WhiteNiggaZ™ | SaDDoG<2><STEAM_56024:0:147577560><>" disconnected (reason "No Steam logon
Dropped WhiteNiggaZ™ | SaDDoG from server
Reason: No Steam logon
hmm.. so you say you didn't do anything.. and before it never said it connected to steam? because all of my servers have done that for awhile..

and the server instaler won't launch? what cmd line are you using to run it, also you should add the flag -verify_all so it will check all the files to make sure there right. im pretty sure thats the flag, that or just -verifyall, but im pretty sure its the first one.
The point is , i live in latvia ( europe) , probably wery far from you !
my inthenet connection outside my country is ~30kb/s , insdie 10mb/s !
so that is a problem, for me to download and install it your way !!!
so there my frend gave me intalation for the server , and paches , i setup `em and it worked!

yes. that is very far away from me, but regardles.. im not sure i would trust getting the files from someone else.. exspecially since it doesn't work. or wait.. did you mean that he gave them.. and now the server works?
no , it dosen`t work !
is my eanglish so bad ? Big Grin
think i`ll have to sacrifise some day`s to set up the serwer your way, enyway... how bi gis it ?

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