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texture download
whenever people come to my server they are able to download maps only but never any textures. is there a way that they can download the textures from the server?
You need to make a .res file for each custom map you're running - see my tut in the 'Tutorials' forum for instructions.
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SadHi there wanted to know if you can help me as when i follow your how to make res file most of custom maps i popp on server work ,even added custom wavs of my own too them they work fine.The problem is though when i make some res files for eg fy_streets_v2 i only have the bsp file to work with and after making res then popping into server it downloads only black and pink checks some of the map is visable eg some grass bricks but most is pink and black checks and un playable,quite a few maps i have downlaoded are doing this only having bsp, but when i get the materials folder and that and create res they seem to work ok.I am a virgin at all this so any help would be cool sorry for being a noob, but i know they maybe a simple answer too it thanks for any help at all.

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