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srcds adding mods bugg
im running my srcds on a win2003 server (i tried with winxp aswell) and every single time i add Bailopans deathmatch or rpgmod i get this error

[Image: buggvy.png]

translation: [Program error] Instrouction on "0x0dd61905" referenced to memory on "0x0c68a034". It's not possible to perform a memory action. The following error returned: The memory could not be "read".

this errors pops up when i join server and choose my weapon (CSSDM).
Before i had vstdlib.dll error...i tried to add "-verify_all" my srcds shortcut but didnt work :/.

If you guys know how to fix this problem please post here!

Slå den med jeres fiberforbindelser...

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this one is old...i did not read what my thread should contain... delete or close this thread plz

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