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Problems starting Mod servers

I've started a few Counter-Strike Source servers, and a DODS Server, HL2MP server but I can never get a Mod to work. I've tried Dystopia and SourceForts so far, and neither will let me connect.

I check the running processes and everything seems to be OK. I'm very stumped. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

If you type status in the servers console, what is the server saying ?
If you just look at the processes wont help!
It can be a broken server..
found out it was the gameinfo.txt was named GameInfo.txt
Rule of thumb:

If you any issues with your SRCDS, try running HLDSUpdatetool.exe to check for server updates. It will also verify all your others files, so if one is messed up, it will be replaced.

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