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I'm hosting a Counter-Strike: Source server from home with an 800Kbits connection. The thing is, the rates calculator and the rates it gives me doesn't work. It still lags. As stated I've got a 800kbit connection, and if someone could calculate the OPTIMAL rates for me it would be most appriciated. I have searched, but i couldn't find a answer on it.
The settings im using now are from the calc:
sv_maxrate = 7500
sv_maxupdaterate = 25
sv_minupdaterate = 4

You wouldn't be able to host more than 4 or 5 players even with modified rates on that connection.
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Well, its supposed to be a warserver (2v2, 3v3).
Could you anyways give me the modified rates?
if you have a bad connection, you have a bad connection. you cannot change that by changing rates. I don't think you can even change the updaterate that low (I think 30 is the lowest possible value), especially I would strongly recommend against having it below 33 (i.e. the minupdate rate below that!). of course your connection does have to support that.

also keep in mind that a connection starts lagging if it gets "close" to full load. "close" might well be 50%. so even if everything should theoretically work, you still might get lags.

and btw: you need to modify the cmdrate as well. try this:
sv_maxrate = 30000 (no point in having this lower, if it presents a limit you will have lags. we limit the actual rate with the other settings)
sv_maxcmdrate = 33
sv_mincmdrate = 33
sv_maxupdaterate = 33
sv_minupdaterate = 33

then try out how many players can play without lag. that's how far you will ever get. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Thanks alot!

Edit: It doesn't lag! What the hell! I got 4 players on it (2v2 clanmatch) and no lag! o.O
Edit2: Crap, now everyone lags, like they don't lag on their screen, but on my screen they're lagging like hell. Any fix?
Edit3: I tried changing the maxcmdrate and it seems to be working. It does lag a bit for players with 50+ in ping. If i tweak the maxcmdrate and stuff, will that make it better?

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