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Maplist Generator
So I noticed that the maplist generator that was posted here earlier was down. Thus, I made my own.
To use it, simply open notepad and paste in the following:
@echo off
del maplist.txt
cd maps
For %%a in (*.bsp) do @echo %%~na >>"%~dp0maplist.txt"
echo List Generated!

Save it as all files and call it "yourname.bat" Eg. "Maplist Generator.bat"
Place it in the server's "cstrike" folder. (It will work for other games as well)
Whenever you run it, a maplist with all the .bsp files in the /maps folder will be generated.

Please don't distribute this/take credit for it.

I also attached the .bat so you don't have to make it yourself.

.bat   generate maplist.bat (Size: 120 bytes / Downloads: 62)
Probabbly one of the best and most useful things that can help you.I remember when i used to give admins to those who made long maplists,of 300-400 maps,in alphabetic order Big Grin
This will save alot of time for those that have well over 50 maps in their servers. I wrote about Maplist Generator at my blog but I ran into a problem when I tried uploading the file to my game server. My hosting company does not let uploading of .bat files because of security reasons. I ended up running it from my maps folder then uploading the maplist.txt to the server.

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