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64 bit OS for srcds
Just wondering what OS peeps are useing for a Amd x2 setup as we are haveing a few fps and performance issues with our current OS.

Server setup
4400 AmdX2 2gig mem

CS:S 30 player @ 50 tic
max_fps 400

CS: DoD 30 player @ 50 tic
max_fps 400

Currently unable to get above 127 fps in ssh &
50+ players join servers become choppy altho cpu's averageing @ 85%
Any help most appreciated!
I couldnt se what OS you are using now..

But I run 2 dod servers on fedoracore4 and RH9.
Source 28 slots on FC4, 3GHz 512mb, mani_admin.
Steam 14 slots on RH9, 1GHz 384mb, admin_mod.
both running without lag.
and no download from servers.

Im running FC4 server with athlon64 dual core 3800, 2gig memmory and i too notice that i cant get above 127 fps, ive have 1 64 slot running and as soon as i get 40+ players it gets choppy. the fps also drop down to 50, im only using 60% cpu at around 48 players.

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