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Symlinks & Multiple Servers
Hi there,

We have our server up and running. Its a dual core 2.8 xeon so we have a few instances running in it. our main Public, a Match server and a Custom Maps server.

To ease the administration I am thinking of linking some files and directories so we only have to maintain 1 set. Mainly I am thinking about maps game config and admin (mani) plugin config files so we can have one set of admin config common across all servers.

The big question. Do you know of any files that srcds would not like to share with other processes? ones that it might need write access to?
If you have to diff. installations of the game servers, and then have one mani_admin map, making hardlinks to the other servermap.
I guess that it shuld work, the only thing that can be a problem is then the 2 servers is trying to use the same file, if they do- one of them will die..:-(

Make 2 different installations of both servers and mani.
make one copy of all the files you want to be able to update on both serves.
make a script that copies the 2 server files to this copy, and is not overwriting the files- it must paist in to the files. This is the tricky part, but if you used to make scripts it wouldnt be a prolem I guess..
Then that is done the script must copy back to the 2 servers.
This can be put in the startscript if you use that, then it wont do anything then the servers is running.
Thanks for your comments Enemy1, but they don't answer my question really. I think the best option would be for me to give it a go and see what happens!


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