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IP problem
My computer IP address is

but my server shows

but I am also on a NETGEAR router. Can Some1 help me Plz. how do I get my server to show up on the main server list on steam.
ok....what you need to do, is go onto the computer plugged into #1 on the netgear router, (the one that can admin it) default is admin and password is password.....Once in, go to port forwarding, and go to add custom. Name it CS CSS whatever u wish, and have it forward port 27015 to the router ip of the server, 192.182.3 or whatever it was....Now when people connect, they go to the TRUE ip which u can find out at so its like 00.000.00:27015 and it will redirect to the server.

note. that has to be tcp and udp for the ports..

and i don't know specifics about a netgear router, so that may be right, but all routers are different, theres a site with tutorials on almost all routers, and thats pretty sure anyways.. ill check it and change if its wrong =)
yes, i run a netgear router, so i gave him the info on what i did to start one up.
drumman24 Wrote:yes, i run a netgear router, so i gave him the info on what i did to start one up.

alright.. i haven't used a netgear router before.. just thought i would send the link just in case, cuz im sure even different netgear routers could be different.
dmz your server, that way every port you need is ready. However I would suggest that you have a software firewall on the computer you plan to dmz.

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