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Hldsupdatetool very slow
I'm hosting a VPS server at santrex. It's on a 100Mbit connection. But my normal download speeds are normal but when i try to get the game files from the hldsupdatetool it goes very slow. I left it one night on (~12 hours) and the progress was 11%. Is there any posssebility to download the files quick so i can run the server?

Server OS: centos-5.5-x86
Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
Ram: 1GB
Game(s): Counter-Strike Source
Start Up Command: None
Admin Mods: None

And im using the steps on
maybe your VPS is just slow... in any case VPS are usually not suited to run game servers (because cpu time gets stolen all the time by other VPS, producing strong lags), so your effort might be futile... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Hldsupdatetool is quite slow... but several hours it clearly a network or server related problem.
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