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server cfg
I need to activate a server cfg what should I type in the command line to activate it? thxs
change map.. every map change it executes a server.cfg file

or you can type "exec server.cfg" in console.
Well in my srcds folder I don't have a server.cfg when i boot up the server it runs fine. I can connect to the server and you can see it on the css list, but it says in console "couldn't find server.cfg". So I need to create one ,and excute it from console so what do I put in the command line to excute it after I create a server.cfg?
it will automatically execute it on server start up, and on every map change, nothing has to be different.. just make one ins something like notepad, and save it as "server.cfg" and put it in cstrike/cfg and it will work.. the server will work fine without it, because it will set everything to default. you can use the following site to make a general cfg file for css

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