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Mani admin plugin crashes CSS server (after the srcds update)
So I got this error in srcds saying "Your server is out of date, please update and restart the server" something like that. When I updated it, my server started crashing:

So if I restrict any weapon, the server crashes just before the next round can starts.
If I give any weapons, the server crashes right away.

I just get the red text on upper corner saying "Connection error, disconnecting in 3,2,1" or whatever it says.

When I minimize the game and look at the srcds, Windows says "srcds.exe has stopped working"

It's just those two commands that crashes the server AFTER THE UPDATE.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit system.

I worked out long time to get the server working right, without bugs.

Oh yeah and by the way, there is that tutorial to get that "srcds watchdog" to protect from crashes and it restarts the server if it crashes.
Well when my server crashes, Windows is giving me the message "srcds.exe stopped working" and I have to click the message to go away and after the message the server restarts... so basically the protection is not doing anything before I click the message away. Is there any way to fix the message or something?
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