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Solved: Not in server Browser for anyone, connectable
Hi all

Server OS: win7 x64
Processor: q9550 or something.. @ 4x3.7
Ram: 4
Game(s): Goldeneye source 4.1 on srcds
Start Up Command: srcds.exe -game gesource +map ge_temple_classic -autoupdate -console
Admin Mods: Sourcemod, metamod

My problem is that my server wont pop up in the master list. Ive read alot of threads with people claiming conspiracy or just giving valve shit. Is there a process i can go through to find out why i am not in the server browser?

if my server is added to favourites via IP the name comes up fine and it gives a valid ping. People can connect.

One odd thing was that my masterservers list seemed to be out of date... it had which could not be pinged, when i resolved i got so i added that and removed the old one but still no dice.

ports forwarded:
WAN     UDP     1200    
(ext.: )     1200      Steam Friends     

         WAN     UDP     27000 - 27014    
(ext.:)     27000 - 27014     Steam Main UDP     

         WAN     TCP     27020 - 27039    
(ext.:      27020 - 27039     Steam Main TCP     

         WAN     TCP/UDP     27015    
(ext.: )     27015      Steam SRCDS

here is a console screenshot (couldnt select text..)
[Image: 33a88zb.png]

thanks in advance

just found a post on here saying i need UDP ports from 27020-27039, will try that

Pfsense has an issue with outbound nat and srcds

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