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Server Crashing
So I have been running a server for about 6 months and reciently it started doing this. How can I fix this. I have mani mod and source mod with the gore and deathmatch plugin, I have not had this problem and have updated all of my mods.
it happens... bots make it worse.. theres not much you can do about it. you can get something like server checker to restart the server when it does that.. but thats about the best thing there is that i know of.

link to server checker...
Jeezy, uh that kinda sucks. Would it help to reinstall it??? Cause it will crash about every 10 mins and thats pretty bad. And I dont have any bots in the server.
hmm.. it could possibly help.. it could be one of them mods doing it as well.. mani shouldn't.. i run mani just fine, but try disabling the other ones one at a time and test it out to see if maybe one of them are causing the crashes.
I fixed it, i actually just changed some settings and updated my mani admin mod.
alright.. yea a lot of things can cause it actually.. it can just be a pain in the butt to find it sometimes.. but the occasional crash is almost a sure thing =)
I have noticed that a defrag now and then seems to help. (That may just be wishfull thinking on my part as well. Smile

yea defrag will help every aspect of a computer, it allows faster file searching, so theres less stress on every component, cuz it gets what it needs faster. you should always have a routine defrag day. atlest like once a month, i try to do all my computers every week, doesn't always work though.. oh well.

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