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noone can connect to my Gmod Server
Hey everyone,

im running a scrds server for garrys mod, ive forwarded the correct ports, and given people i want to connect to my server my outgoing ip address, but they still cannot connect. they get the message connection failed after 4 retries, which implies that the server isnt running or up, but i can connect to it via lan. been on theese forums forever and tried literally everything on every forum even if it seemed irrelevant.Cool ive followed the steps on garrysmod wiki to make a windows gmod server to the letter, and i cant figure out why people cant connect. im running the server on a laptop that is on the same network as the pc i am using. its ip is static.

one more thing, if i type status into the server console i get udp/ip which is my LAN ip, which implies that the server isnt using my outgoing ip? im using a netgear dg834pn and have forwarded the ports basically from 27000 to 27039 upd and tcp. and 1200 udp tcp.

im running windows xp on the laptop with the server running. i execute scrds with a .bat file:

@echo off
cd c:\srcds/orangebox
echo Starting game server.
echo Beginning "Garry's Mod"
srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_new_worlds -maxplayers 4 -autoupdate
echo "Garry's Mod" has now started.
Forward only the following ports to your ip
27015 TCP and 27015 UDP

Also add the following to your startup line -ip and -port 27015
Other people will need to connect to your server using your external IP, YOU will have to connect to your server using your internal IP.
Thanks for replying.

Did that, still not letting my friend connect. when my friend uses my ip to connect he gets:
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated No, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Connecting to
Connection failed after 4 retries
I was wondering if my router might be incompatible to run a server on, not sure where i can get information on that, its a netgear 4DG834PN. when i use port forwards port checking service it says 27015 isnt forwarded, which is why i think my router is incompatible. What do you think?
Can you map your network to your PC out for me?

IE: My office network is the following:

Cable Modem -> Hardware Firewall -> Domain Server -> Switch -> My Computer
Cable modem > Hardware Firewall within router > DHCP server > My computer
So your data flows through a DHCP server?
Yeah its home network, is that a problem? its only a small server for me and a buddy so dont mind if theres lag nd stuff - just want to connect! Toungue
If you want you can add me to steam:

If possible I can Team Viewer into your computer and try to solve this problem.

Edit: Leave me ALONE I don't help anyone via steam!
ok ill add you now.
Upon investigation of this users Router port forwarding I found that he had duplicate 27015 entries that were causing problems.
For anyone reading this with the same issue - I had conflicting ports - forwarded 27015 to multiple lan servers! dont do that Smile only forward one port to one machine. Loopyman pwns Smile

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