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Srcds fps weird problem.
I am having problem with srcds fps.

First time I try, I install ubuntu 10.10 i386. Stock kernel: 600 ~ 800 fps, optimized kernel: ~ 930fps.

Then I install ubuntu server 32bit, I get ~ 49x fps on both stock kernel and optimized kernel.

Third time, I install ubuntu server 64bit, then I get 960 fps on stock kernel. But weirdly, I can only get 49x fps like 32 bit version.

The last time, I install debian lenny 5.0.7 64bit, with stock kernel I get 960 fps. This is the worst, with optimize kernel, I can only get 13x fps.

This is the weird things: in Ubuntu and Debian 64bit, when the fps drops to 49x and 13x fps, I come back with stock kernel, and I can only get the same fps as the optimized kernel's.
(12-04-2010, 09:50 PM)BehaartesEtwas Wrote:  then you apparently changed something else as well... I don't know many things that limit the fps in a recent kernel. are you sure you use fps_max 0? did you follow a specific guide for the kernel configuration? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Yeah, i don't really know what's changed. In ubuntu server 32 bits installation, I install many packages, so may be with stock kernel and the optimized kernel have the same fps. In the 64bit one, I only check openssh package (to have remote access). To compile kernel, I have to install gcc and ncurses (with many packages required). So maybe that's the problem.. Before compiling, everything's fine.

How to solve it Sad, HP G7 is not my server, if with stock kernel, I cannot get 800~900 fps, will compiling a new kernel become worse?

P.S: Of course I tried fps_max 0
Your problem seems to be reproducable, as you tried several Linuxes. Can you describe step by step what you did to compile and install the new kernel and what you did to boot the stock kernel again? If you followed some guide, give us the link please. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
In ubuntu 32 bit, I install many packages in installation progress, so I don't have to install anything else to compile kernel. I just follow this guide: The first step I do is downloading the kernel, extract it, "make menuconfig" and compile with: "make && make install modules_install"
In ubuntu and debian 64 bit:
- The first things I do is installing ia32-libs, this is the first packages required to run a 32 bit program. Then I have to install gcc and ncurses-dev.
- Then I just do as I do with ubuntu 32bit.
- To boot with stock kernel, I just use grub.
well, maybe we are missing some detail. try getting back somehow to the point where ~1000 fps are working. then do small steps, reboot between each step (even if usually unnecessary) and try out if 1000 fps are still working.

I have no explanation for this. If you really boot an unmodified stock kernel and still do not get back to 1000 fps you can basically rule out the kernel itself. Make sure you really boot the stock kernel and not some modified kernel... (uname -a gives you the currently running kernel) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
I will try it, thank you.
Today I have reinstalled ubuntu 64 bit server, and after I install all packages required to compile kernel, I reboot my computer. Then the srcds fps is still 91x fps.

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