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What can i run on this?

I haven't searched much, and if there is some kind of estimate on what one can run on what hardware i would love to see it ^^

I'm basically wondering if people with some experience can tell me a estimate on what i can run on this server i have.


- OS: Windows Server 2008 STD 32Bit
- Intel Xeon 4 x 2.0Ghz
- 4GB DDR2
- 160GB+ SATA2 Hard Drive
- 100MB network up/down

I have:
1 - 16 slot 66 tick normal, no mods
2 - 20 slot 66 tick normal, no mods
3 - 16 slot 100tick, "simple war mod"

i want
4 - ?? slots 66tick or 33tick ? zombiemod

I have the first three running, but i haven't had the opportunity to check the server with max players on those. I want to run a zombie server on it as well, but i have no idea if my server will manage it.

each server is running on it's "own" core seperate from each other

Do you think this setup is possible or is it possible to have even more?
Any recommendations ?

Thanks for any help Smile
You could just try it? But you have another core spare so just put it on that one?
~ trewq
I guess ^^

I just wanted to hear what people think

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