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Small question - srcds/hlds

You have in the tutorial section about making the srcds priority #1
in linux using the pid file etc...

Does this method work with the HLDS app? or is it only for Source..
Is there another way to do it for the HLDS if that way doesn't work..



I know this is a srcds forum - but you may know Smile
I have looked for that topic, but dont find it :-(

But I guess you meen setting the server application to priority 1, so the server wont do anything that lags the gameserver..
Yes you can set that to any of your applications..
i meant to say this a long time ago, but forgot, but you wouldprobly have better luck posting that on the linux forum.. just cuz it seems theres usually more people there. i don't know anything about linux so i can't help. sorry.
Yes, you can do it for hlds. It'll work for any linux application. renice is not srcds specific.
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You can also use .bat files for about anything else you want. I have coded a few to update all my srcds files and then backup files that have changed to a different hard drive.

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