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IP banned after installing HLStatsX
After Installing HLStatsX:CE, MetaMod, and SourceMod I have noticed I get the following error message in the server window:
Banning for rcon hacking attempts

This is the local system's (game server) IP. The game still runs fine and I can still use rcon commands when connected from a different IP but HLStats and LGSL which both require rcon access are no longer working. How do I remove this IP from the ban list and add it to a white list?
Ok, I have tried removing the ban with removeip in the console window but something somewhere is still causing the ban. Is there anyway to get detailed information on what is specifically causing the ban to fix it? Whitelisting the IP would probably solve my issues if possible but I'd rather find the problem and fix it. I have verified several times that the HLStatsX:CE web interface has the proper rcon password and information. As far as I'm aware there is nothing else on the entire server that would be utilizing rcon commands or passwords except for TCAdmin. Anyone have ideas on how to determine what service or program is causing the bad rcon attempts?
Could be in your config

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