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Multiple Servers Half Life 2

I have a linux box i used for cod4 server but i stopped with that
now i host Half Life 2 servers for me and my friend

But i have a problem i want to run multiple servers from 1 instalation
it works but after a new map change it will exec the normal server.cfg
while i did in the command startup line +exec server2.cfg

Can someone help me pls?


server.cfg is always executed. you would need to use additional cfg files for each server with the individual settings and put any common settings in server.cfg (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Put the basic common commands in your server.cfg and then make a servera.cfg and a serverb.cfg and put different commands in each. Such as the server name, password, IP, and Port.

However the default map and the map files will have to be the same.
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